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5 Ways to Customize SharePoint for the End User

The best way increase user adoption of SharePoint is to think like your end-user does.

  • What are their sticking points, or slow points in their work?
  • What work problems are they currently solving in a less than optimal manner?
  • How could you customize SharePoint for the user to help them radically solve these problems?


5 Ways To Customize SharePoint For the End User


1. Surface Relevant Content. We have a saying here at Emgage: “Content should find the end user, the end user should not have to find the content”. Have your end-user countless hours lost spent searching for documents, videos, and files? You can fix this problem now, by implementing a feature that allows you to have a customizable SharePoint search for the the end user, so they can quickly search for any type of content they might need. This can come in very handy for projects take over a month to complete.


2. Add an RRS Feed. Chances are 90% of your employees are engaged in at least one form of social media. Now you can manage what blogs and twitter feeds end-users see while they are using your SharePoint intranet site. Keep up with relevant business news and events without ever leaving your site.


3. Weather App. This may seem kitsch, but customizing your SharePoint site so that is feels like home to the end user is important. Insert a feature within your SharePoint site that displays the current weather in your end users neighborhood can do this.


4. Drag and Drop Features. It’s simple! Make SharePoint easier to use and you will increase user adoption. Apply drag and drop capabilities inside of SharePoint to save time and make document sharing easy. This makes collaborating through SharePoint more intuitive (which saves your admin time due to less technical training).


5. Access Videos.​ Did you know you have the ability to access videos stored on third-party sites without ever leaving SharePoint? Well, you can! All videos pertaining to your company can now be accessed directly in SharePoint.


In Conclusion

The more you customize SharePoint for the end user, the greater the likelihood of adoption success. There are two factors at play here:

  • Make it feel like home​
  • Ensure that it solves real work problems in a significant way.


If you are wanting to increase the effectiveness of your SharePoint, then see how we can help by booking a FREE one-on-one demo here.​


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