SharePoint Intranet Sites

The Recipe for a Successful Intranet Portal


SharePoint Intranet Sites
How can you make sure you have the best SharePoint Intranet sites possible?
What goes into creating a powerful Digital Portal?
Based on our experience helping businesses build Intranets we’ve discovered the ingredients successful SharePoint Intranet sites use and have written a recipe for you to follow.
Set your oven to 350 and get ready to bake a deliciously successful digital workplace.

SharePoint Intranet Sites


1. 2 cups of real solutions


It goes without saying that the less helpful your SharePoint Intranet sites are, the more time and money you have to spend to get employees to adopt them. Add a few cups of effectiveness to ensure your Digital Portal eliminates big work problems like disconnected collaboration, decreased productivity, low adoption rates and terrible communication.


2.   1 1/2 cups of the ability to work globally, locally and personally


Add a pinch of this ingredient to get your Intranet portal working on various different levels. On a global level, it should allow top down communication, connecting users to the vision and leadership within the company. Local level, it should give the user access to their team site, assisting with teamwork and collaboration. Personal level, it should provide support to the user while they complete individual tasks.


3.  1 packet of yeast a.k.a mobility


Employees are increasingly turning to mobile devices, using a total of 3 or more devices for work activities. From tablets, to smartphones, to laptops, successful digital work portals are responsive across every type of screen. Phone sizes differ greatly as competing smart phone companies try to outsize each other with varying sized  displays. Sprinkle in some responsive design to get an Intranet that is nimble, and able to adapt quickly to display content on multiple size phone screens, ensuring that adoption rates stay high. Think of this ingredient as the yeast the causes the chemical reaction and stretches the mixture causing it to change.


4.  1 cup of quick and easy access to content, finely chopped


When users are not able to easily find content, they either give up on using the SharePoint Intranet sites, resulting in low adoption rates, or they continue to keep searching until they find what they are looking for, decreasing productivity. Chop up some intuitive navigation, some visual MegaMenus and content tagging and add it to mix to make information easy to find, freeing up time and allowing users to move forward with their work.


5.  1 2/3 cups of the ability to act as a centralized hub of effective communication


We don’t have to tell you that communication is an integral part of a businesses’s success. A digital workplace just wont make it without the capability to be a communication nerve center.
The McKinsey Global Institute found that an average employee spends 13 hours a week reading and responding to email, making emails the most time-consuming work activity at 28% of an employees work time. Pour in 1 2/3 cups of some effective communication to streamline internal communication.


6.   1 1/4 cups of the ability to grow and change, peeled and diced


With technology expanding and moving at such a fast pace, it makes sense that a successful Intranet portal would be able to change, and adapt to keep up with current technology. On the same vein, as tech advances, businesses will grow and needs will change. Toss in some diced flexibility to give your Intranet portal the ability to evolve along with its environment.


7.   2 cups of the look and feel of home


Too often employee experience is ignored in favor of boosting customer experience. But a company’s first customers are their employees. The best SharePoint Intranet sites know that having Intranets with clear, friendly internal branding gives employees a good sense of the company’s vision. Also, Intranets that create a pleasant work experience increase productivity. Research has shown that when workers are happy they’re more effective collaborators working toward common goals (The Happiness Advantage). Fold in the feeling of home to create an enjoyable work environment within your Intranet portal.

SharePoint Intranet Sites

Turn on your handy dandy mixer and mix all ingredients until fully incorporated.

Throw your mixture into the oven and watch it cook and develop into a deliciously successful SharePoint Intranet.


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