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How to Create a Powerful Intranet

Do you have a powerful Intranet? Is your Intranet currently functioning at it’s full potential? Does it effectively help users solve work problems in a big way? Does it successfully enable communication and collaboration? If you answered no to these questions, chances are you have an “unhealthy” Intranet. But don’t worry. With the right workout regiment, it is possible to train your current portal to become a powerful Intranet.
In this blog post, we’ll go over 5 common “problem areas” that you can work on to make your Intranet as fit and effective as it can be.

1.Lack of Flexibility

Improve your Intranet’s flexibility by training it to stretch across devices. Make sure that your Intranet has responsive design functionality. That way, users can access it from wherever they are, on whatever device they are using. Another element of flexibility, is making sure your Intranet is agile, and can easily change and evolve as your business grows. Consider using an Intranet solution if your Intranet doesn’t currently have responsive design capabilities.

2. Not Working Every Muscle

Athletes know to avoid bulking up one group of muscles, while ignoring others. The same principle can be applied to training your Intranet. Don’t focus solely on one department, while ignoring another. Listen to all of your users and make sure your Intranet addresses their issues and challenges. Your Intranet should provide them with tools that fit their specific needs and will help them complete their daily tasks and solve big work problems.

3. Weak Core

A weak core means an ineffective workout program. If your Intranet’s core (i.e it’s communication and collaboration abilities) is weak, then all other functions will not work as effectively as they could. Strengthen and stabilize your Intranet’s core by establishing a centralized communication hub (read more here). Make sure your users are able to connect on global, local and individual levels.

4. Flabby Muscles

One of the clear benefits of working out, is of course looking fit. And with Intranets, looking fit is important. 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/ layout is unattractive (Adobe). Sculpt your Intranet’s flabby muscles by making sure your Intranet has strong clear branding. Avoid mucking up your layout with clunky navigation. And don’t be afraid to get creative with design!

5. Lack of Nutrition/Equipment

The type of nutrition plan and workout equipment you choose can make or break your workout. So make sure you have a digital strategy in place. And definitely don’t try to train your Intranet without the right equipment. Make sure you have all the tools and resources you need to whip your Intranet into shape. And choose your technology carefully, making sure that the tools you use fit your organizations unique needs.
If you address these common problem areas while training your portal, you’ll have a healthy, fit and great looking Intranet in no time! Now flex those muscles!
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