30 Insightful Digital Transformation Statistics

So many statistics, so little time. With so many digital transformation statistics out there, how do you read them all? To help, we’ve wrangled a bunch together, and organized them by category, to create a handy list.
Digital Transformation Statistics


1. 87% of companies believe that digital transformation is a competitive opportunity. (The Digital Advantage, CapGemini/MIT Sloan


2. By the end of 2017, two-thirds of the CEOs of Global 2000 companies will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy. (Worldwide Digital Transformation 2017 Predictions, IDC)


3. Only 11% of companies assess their digital strategy as excellent. (Aligning The Organization For It’s Digital Future 2016, MIT Sloan)


4. 62% say their organization is in denial about the need to transform digitally. 55% say they have a year or less to make digital inroads before suffering financially and competitively. 59% are worried its already too late. (State Of Digital Business 2016, Progress)


5. 67% of companies believe that buying or partnering with more digitally advanced organization is a viable strategy for effecting digital transformation. (Digital Transformation In The Age Of The Customer 2015, Accenture)


Digital Transformation Statistics


6. More than a third (36%) of executives are unsatisfied with their company’s current reaction to digital trends. (Strategy, Not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation 2015, MIT Sloan


7. Just 26% of executives feel confident that their company fully understands the potential for digital to change value creation. (Digital Continues to Disrupt 2016, Forrester)


8. 40% of companies say they need to increase senior leadership sponsorship and oversight to reach their Digital Transformation objectives. (Digital Transformation Agenda 2016, Pega)


9. 82% of companies say that responsibility for overall leadership of digital transformation has been formally assigned to someone within the organization. (21 Statistics Shaping Digital Transformation Fortunes, Microsoft)


10. Digital transformation initiatives are currently led by different individuals: CMOs (34%), CEOs (27%), CIOs/CTOs (19%), CDOs (15%), CXOs (5%).( The 2016 State of Digital Transformation, Altimeter)


Digital Transformation Statistics


11. Almost 90% of companies claim that the main benefit of digital transformation is the increase in employee productivity. (OSS Integrators)


12. 77% of IT managers believe that digital transformation helps increase customer satisfaction. (8 Statistics On The State of Digital Transformation In Companies 2016, Present)


13. 81% of companies say digital maturity efforts have definitely differentiated their company. (Four Essential Elements For Digital Maturity 2016, Adobe)


14. 41% of leaders surveyed said they’ve witnessed an increase in market share due to digital transformation efforts. 37% cite a positive impact on employee morale. (The 2016 State of Digital Transformation, Altimeter)  


15. 33% of companies say that their digital transformation efforts have helped them make strong progress in creating new sales channels; 25% say it has helped them make strong progress in accelerating product development. (Digital Evolution, Accenture/Pega


Digital Transformation Statistics


16. 57% of organizations say that implementing key digital technologies is critical to enabling their digital business. (10 Digital Transformation Statistics Businesses Can No Longer Ignore


17. More than 90% of executives believe that digital technology has the potential to fundamentally transform the way people work in their organization. (Aligning The Organization For It’s Digital Future 2016, MIT Sloan


18. 18% of IT executives have so far adopted new platforms or applications to support digital technology, or embraced Agile software development (17%) or DevOps (15%). (Digitizing It, SAP/The Economist)


19. 88% of companies believe that they do not have the right technology in place to currently execute a digital strategy. (The Economist’s Digital Evolution Study, Pega


20. Nearly half (45%) of IT Departments have changed the way they work completely or significantly, to support digital transformation. (Digitizing It, SAP/The Economist)


Digital Transformation Statistics


21. 91% of companies say that faster digital transformation strategies would offset challenges and greatly benefit their organizations. (Digital Evolution, Accenture/Pega)


22. 41% say of companies say gathering the resources needed to advanced digital maturity is challenging. (Four Essential Elements For Digital Maturity 2016, Adobe


23. Many executives see too many competing priorities (43%), the lack of an overall strategy (33%), security concerns and insufficient technical skills (25%), and a lack of organizational agility (25%) as the top five barriers keeping their organization from taking advantage of digital trends. (Strategy, Not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation 2015, MIT Sloan


24. 43% of organizations with a mature digital strategy see internal departments competing to own digital as the most significant barrier to digital transformation. (Leading Digital Business Transformation 2016, Forrester)


25. Survey respondents rated “current IT systems” as the third biggest obstacle to achieving digital transformation. (The Digital Advantage, CapGemini/MIT Sloan


Digital Transformation Statistics

The Future

26. CEO’s expect that 41% of enterprise revenue will come from digital business by 2020, almost double what it was in 2015. (2016 CIO Agenda, Gartner)


27. By 2019, 5% of revenue will come through interaction with a customer’s digital assistant. (Dawn of the DX Economy2017 , IDC)


28. 39% of marketers plan to increase their digital budgets without increasing overall marketing spend, essentially reallocating existing budgets into digital channels. (CMO Council)


29. The digital transformation market is expected to grow from $150.7bn in 2015 to $369.2bn by 2020 at a command annual growth rate of 19.6%. (Digital Transformation Market By Solution 2015, Markets and Markets)


30. By 2021, one third of CEOs and COOs of Fortune 2000 companies will have spent at least 5 years of their career in a technology leadership role.(Dawn of the DX Economy2017 , IDC)


Disclaimer: In no way is this a comprehensive list of all digital transformation statistics. There is such a large community of industry experts constantly sharing knowledge, releasing data and  writing articles, that it isn’t possible to include them all here. But it can serve as a good starting point or quick reference. If you would like more information on digital transformation, check out this blog post, slideshare, or webinar.


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