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Digital Transformation Technology: Choosing Tools That Help You CONNECT

Digital Transformation is all about CONNECTING.


Undergoing digital transformation effectively gives organizations new and powerful ways to connect, which in turn opens up new business revenues and new opportunities to grow.


Because of this, it is important that throughout the process of digital transformation you are constantly checking whether the decisions you are making (in terms of organizational structure, personnel hire, budget etc.) increase your ability to connect.


While this matters a great deal in all aspects of a digital transformation, this is perhaps most vital when making decisions about your business’s technology, tools and collaborative software. One should always be asking “How will this new piece of software increase our ability to connect?”


There are 3 types of connections to consider when asking yourself this question: Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Customer.


Interpersonal ConnectionsDigital Transformation Technology


Interpersonal connections involve 2 or more people, and can be anything from an email chain, to a business meeting, to a face-to-face conversation. To support interpersonal connections, your technology should:


  • increase a users ability to collaborate with others (share documents, work together, etc).
  • allow for effective communication channels between users
  • prevent users from feeling isolated or in the dark


Intrapersonal ConnectionsDigital Transformation Technology

Intrapersonal connection describes an individual’s connection with their own self and their internal use of language and thought. To encourage and strengthen intrapersonal connections, make sure your technology:

  • helps users solve problems effectively
  • encourages users to individually connect more strongly to their work
  • supports users by allowing them to do their work more productively and efficiently
  • allows users to clearly see the importance of their work in context with the overall mission of your organization


Customer Connections

Digital Transformation Technology


Customer connection encompasses any sort of interaction between a customer and an organization, whether it be dialogue or  transaction. To make sure your customers are taken care of, ask yourself if your technology:


  • increases the level of connection that your customers have with your business
  • allows customers to feel that their voice and opinion is heard and valued
  • allows customers to feel an ownership and involvement in you business


*It is important to keep in mind that while you should be looking at the ways you can increase the quantity of your connections through digital transformation, it is also essential to look at the ways you can improve the depth & quality of the connection. *


If you choose technology that allows connection to thrive in all three of these areas, this newfound strengthened communication will super-charge your organization’s digital transformation process. An increased ability to connect opens up new business pathways and increases the speed at which any organization can grow, which is the ultimate goal of digital transformation. Keep this is mind, and your digital transformation will continue to thrive and be successful. 


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