the most important part of digital transformation: the people

How to Focus on the Most Important Part of Digital Transformation: The People.

Digital transformation is a hot topic at the moment and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.  Needless to say, undertaking a digital transformation in a company is a daunting task. A lot of research is required in making the right decision, and everything needs to be taken into account: How much will it cost? How long will it take to implement? Will it be on-prem or stored elsewhere?


Most importantly, however, does it center around people?


Employees need to be main focus of your digital transformation. Here are certain ways to make that happen.


Relevancy – employees as personas

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Digital transformation is rising. Enterprise application software revenue is predicted to reach over 200 billion dollars by 2019.   So you need to make your transformation stand out by being relevant to your employees. Make sure that whatever technology you are converting to has the right applications that reflect your company’s and employee’s goals. In marketing, companies try to achieve this through the use of personas. They use personas as a way to help gage the UX of a company’s products.


This can also be used internally as well.


Use the idea of persona research to discover the answers to questions like: what are specific user goals and needs?  What should design teams be focusing on? What are certain identities that can replace canvassing an entire community. 

If your company can use real people the way they use personas during market research, then you will have a better chance at making digital transformation relevant for your employees through a UX standpoint instead of just from costs and numbers.   


Ease of use – Keep design in focus

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Technology is only as good as its usability. Technology that has no practical application or usage for people is not functional or effective. So technology needs to be considered with the end user in mind. Your new Intranet can be the fanciest software around with all the different types of features you need, but if employees have trouble using it, then they won’t use it. Plain and simple.


To have a successful digital transformation, you need to make sure that design is at the focus.


If you look at the top design-led companies over the last 10 years, you can see that they have maintained a stock market advantage, outperforming the S&P by 228%. If a company can have a design focus for their customers and have that much success, imagine how much success they would have if the employees had the same amount of focus. Having good design is important for your consumers, so make it important for your employees as well. Good design makes it easier for customers to consume/use their products and if employees have the same advantage, then your digital transformation will exceed expectation.


Engagement – Have it, or be left behind


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So after you’ve made your internal software easy to use through design, What do you do now? You need employees to want to keep coming back to use it. Otherwise it’ll just be thrown away afterwards.


Your digital transformation needs to keep levels of engagement in mind.


Engagement, as you know, is super important, and it has been shown to be a big problem when there is a lack of it from employees. According to Gallup, only 30% of workers reported to being engaged throughout the day.  Companies have taken notice and are starting to gear attention towards the significance of internal technology to tackle engagement. By the end of 2017, the demand for enterprise mobile applications will be 5 times greater in an organization’s capacity than internal IT.   


What does this mean for you?


Digital transformation is going to happen, whether your organization participates or not. Companies understand the importance of employee engagement, so if your digital transformation doesn’t include facets of engagement, then your employees will not use your internal software effectively or even want to use it, leaving your employees and company behind your competitors.




Digital transformation needs to be about one thing: the people. If it isn’t, then success will be much harder to come by internally. Employees are the lifeblood of a company, and if they aren’t put into focus when discussing digital transformation, then the transformation has a higher chance of being a flop. It needs to be relevant to your employees. Thinking of your employees at the same level that personas are used and analyzed will lead to stronger analysis that more genuinely reflects your company and will create a better digital transformation. Make sure that the final product will be easy to use. If your employees have to work hard for something that is simple, then effects will be low. The top companies already have this idea in place, so why wouldn’t you? Lastly, it needs to be engaging. If your employees don’t want to keep coming back to use your new internal software, then you might as well not have digitally transformed at all. Engagement can be tough enough as it is. Do your part and make your technology as engaging as possible. The employees are the biggest users of a company, so tailor to them in your digital transformation from the beginning and into the continuous transformation process.


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