New Technology Implementation

15 Reasons Why New Technology Fails in the Workplace

If you are looking to bring new technology into your workplace, then avoid these 15 common pitfalls.

  1. Doing it in the first place. Do you really need that fancy new toy or are you just trying to be as cool as your competitors?

  3. You havn’t defined the problem. What exactly is the problem(s) that this new technology will solve.

  5. Have you chosen the right technology? Both your problems and your people are unique, you need a solution that works on both levels.

  7. No clearly defined destination. Success needs to be defined. How long will the implementation take. How quickly do you want to see an ROI etc.

  9. Poor implementation strategy. Organizations can be slowed to a grinding halt because the implementation strategy has not prioritized cash flow and business needs through the transition.

  11. Lack of adequate resources. You need the right people with the right sources to be working on the implementation process.

  13. A top down directive to make it expensive. Choosing the cheapest solution or allocating as few hours as possible to the implementation process is a sure fire way to fail.

  15. Inexperienced Consultants. Hiring people who are cheap but inexperienced with either your technology solution or your industry and organization size will never pay off.

  17. An Over-Reliance on Consultants. Without contradicting the point above, relying solely on hired hands to implement will leave your own people knowledgeless and out in the cold when it comes to the actual adoption process.

  19. Poor Project Management. Without a strong and dedicated lead, new technology projects often do not reach their potential.

  21. Ill-Concieved Customizations. Every organization will typically want some degree of customization but if this is not planned out strategically your implementation project may disappear down a bottomless rabbit hole.

  23. Poor Communication. Successful implementation occurs more readily when there is a 100% buy in from major stakeholders and users. Poor communication is a common cause of adoption failure.

  25. Not Enough Testing. First impressions matter. Launching a piece of poorly tested software into your workplace can be like a bad first date, if the experience is not good or too frustrating, then you are going to have adoption issues.

  27. A Lack of Training. What is not obvious is never obvious. Too often technology is released to the users who are unclear exactly on how to use it. Just because it is intuitive to the project manager, leadership or the consultant doesn’t mean that it will be so for everyone.

  29. No Refinement Process. It will never be perfect on the first release, if you create a feedback process where you can hear from your Users, then you are more likely to see greater adoption and an increased ROI.


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