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Scary Communication Statistics That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Bad communication can be horrifying. In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve put together 11 scary communication statistics that will haunt your dreams. Better sleep with a night light on…
1. 86% of employees blame lack of good communication and collaboration for workplace failures (Fierce Inc).
That’s a bone-chilling chunk of problems caused by poor communication!
2. Twenty-six percent of employees think email is a major productivity killer (Career Builder).
Yikes! Workplace communication relies heavily on email. It’s spine-chilling to think that email kills productivity instead of helping it.
3. Twenty-six percent of people feel pressured to respond to work communication outside of work hours (Cornerstone, State of The Workplace 2014). 
Nothing is spookier than working when you don’t have to.
communication statistics
4. Forty-six percent of employees rarely or never leave a meeting knowing what they’re supposed to do next (Thermal Corporation). 
Meetings in and of themselves are scary. But not having a clearly communicated direction significantly ups the scare factor.
5. Less than half of survey respondents said that their organizations discuss issues truthfully and effectively (Salesforce). 

Knowing so many organizations don’t communicate truthfully and effectively sends shivers up our spine.
6. 36 percent of workers surveyed “sometimes” delete voicemails without even listening to them (CMS Wire). 

That means so much information is lost! Be afraid. Be very afraid.
communication statistics
7. Gallup reported that 74 percent of employees are disconnected and feel that they’re missing out on company information and news (Gallup). 

Such a large number of disconnected employees has us scared to death!
8. 73% of communication professionals reported that communicating company news to employees is a serious challenge (Dynamic Signal). 

This statistic makes our blood run cold.
9. Only 27% of workers feel confident in their communication abilities in the workplace (Queen’s University of Charlotte).

The lack of confidence is making us break out in a cold sweat.
communication statistics
10. Time lost due to communication inefficiencies leads to an average of 11,000 per employee (CIO Insight). 

Yikes! So much profit loss is alarming.
11. More than 59% of respondents said they lack a clear understanding of the fiscal impact of ineffective communications (Dynamic Signal). 

We saved the best (or should I say creepiest) for last. It is bloodcurdling to know that most organizations don’t understand how much of an impact poor communication has on their productivity, and their profits.
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