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The Secret Weapon to Increasing SharePoint User Adoption


SharePoint User Adoption begins when companies start the process of bringing on a fresh class of new hires in January.

This can be a challenge for SharePoint administrators. Countless on-boarding documents need to be uploaded, training materials need to be distributed, and new user accounts will need to be created. 


After those tasks are completed, SharePoint admins are responsible for an even more difficult task, driving and increasing SharePoint User Adoption internally.


One of the best ways to make sure employees use your SharePoint​ Intranet​ as their main collaboration platform is to customize it to the individual user, so it solves major problems.


Here are some simple changes that will guarantee big results:


1. Customize your intranet site to fit each department’s needs Marketing, HR, Accounting, etc. Even the smallest organizations have numerous departments. Tailor each SharePoint Site to fit each specific department’s individual needs. Give HR easy access to on-board documents, Give marketing the ability to view videos housed in third-party sites without needing to leave SharePoint, and give sales the ability to follow clients Twitter handles.


2. Have fun with web parts There are endless possibilities to customize your SharePoint intranet site with web parts! Add the option to give feedback to HR, RSS feeds, view stock prices or even a web part that displays current weather conditions. The possibilities are endless!


3. Be visually interesting Chances are your intranet could use a little makeover in 2015. Simple changes to your intranet’s background color or customizing your site to fit your company’s brand will increase user-adoption and drive company culture.


Your Secret Weapon to increase SharePoint User Adoption




SharePoint administration doesn’t have to be bland, your creativity is your greatest weapon when it comes SharePoint User Adoption. Get creative and explore the different customizable options SharePoint has to offer.


Use your imagination and put yourself in the shoes of your End User, what work problems do they have that SharePoint can solve for them?


SharePoint is a powerful tool, anything is possible!


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