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Train your Intranet — Best SharePoint Practices

Athletes and body builders, would look pretty much like ordinary citizens if they didn’t train.  And some stage in their lives they realized that there was incredible potential within them, the potential to transform, to strengthen, to function and perform at a higher level and achieve the best SharePoint practices.

Your SharePoint Intranet is a little like a human being, full of incredible potential but pretty ordinary without shaping and training.

It’s time to get your SharePoint into the best shape possible, so that it can achieve great things on behalf of your business, it won’t happen overnight but it can happen.

One of the first things you may want to do is to brand your intranet, extranet or public facing site.

4 of The Best SharePoint Practices​

    1. Focus on Increasing user adoption. User adoption is the most important factor leading to your intranet’s success, obviousy if your people are not using it you won’t succeed.  The #1 Secret to Increasing Corporate Intranet Adoption​rate is to make sure that your Intranet is actually solving real work problems, adoption is easy when you are providing your workers with a way of doing their work that is faster, cheaper and better. ​ Make it a practice to always ask, “what work problems are we solving here?”


    1. Be visually interesting. Who doesn’t like beautiful things? Environment matters and in today’s ever evolving world, the visual aspect is incredibly important in order to stay competitive. There are so many ways to utilize SharePoint that can make it not look like SharePoint. Branding your Intranet can really speed up the Intranet adoption process.


    1. Create conversations around work. Too often there is a divergent approach to using SharePoint and this makes integrated best SharePoint practices impossible. What do I mean that?  Keeping social engagement seperate fromwork parts​, or focussing primarily on social engagement practices to increase adoption will not help you achieve your end goal… increased productivity.  Encouraging social interactions around work is the greatest way of increasing adoption and productivity simultaneously.


  1. Focus on being unique and remarkable. Chances are most people at your company have seen other intranets previously. Why not make your intranet the best out there by creating an extremely attractive and extremely functional Intranet. Your employees will be bragging about your company’s intranet after a little branding makeover.


In Conclusion

​It is easy to focus on the problems that you are having with your Intranet (low adoption, difficulty branding etc) so much that we lose sight of the incredible power and potential of SharePoint. To get in shape physically, we have to train and practice, chipping away everything (bad habits including) that is superfluous to what really matters most.

Our goal, is to work with our clients to identify clearly the major work problems or bottlenecks in effiency that an Intranet following SharePoint best practices could solve.  To see a personal demo of our products visit our demo page here.​

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