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Why Good Intranets Fail: A Webinar

Building an Intranet is like building a house.
There are similar phases involved in both: Planning, drafting, building, painting and interior decorating/aesthetics. Each of these steps are important in the overall process. But one of them is the most important. Can you guess which one?
Most people would say making the house look good. And understandably so. The aesthetics are the parts of the house that are most visible to you, and that you see on a daily basis. And so people focus heavily on this part of the process.
But the most important step is actually drafting and building the foundations. Because these are the parts of the house that are hidden, people forget about them. Out of sight, out of mind. But just because they are unseen, doesn’t mean they are unimportant. They are fundamental in the overall structuring, stability and function of your house.
The same is true for your Intranet.
Each Intranet has foundations that are unseen, but are arguably the most important part of your platform. If you don’t get your planning right, if your information architecture is off, then it won’t matter what your Intranet looks like. And your Intranet will fail.
On Tuesday, October 31st at 11am Pacific Time (2pm Eastern), we’re hosting a free Intranet webinar called “Why Good Intranets Fail.” During our discussion we’ll highlight exactly what your organization needs to do to build a successful Intranet that everyone uses.
good intranets


Missed the webinar? You can watch the replay here.


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