SharePoint Frustrations

Your Intranet-In-A-Box: 7 SharePoint Frustrations You Can Overhaul with Emgage’s Intranet Solution

It’s no secret: building a great looking Intranet portal with native SharePoint can be frustrating.


We’ve all heard the horror stories:  businesses try to build an Intranet only to become overwhelmed and irritated, spending thousands of hours writing code and hiring costly developers to make their vision happen.


Is there no alternative? It seems like the only options are to hire pricey developers and consultants or use a different platform. But the truth is, SharePoint and Office 365 were created to be important tools in the workplace and with a few renovations, can be effective, easy to use and painless.


By using an Intranet solution in conjunction with SharePoint/Office 365,  organizations can provide their users with a great looking and effective Intranet portal that increases productivity and collaboration.


*When selecting which Intranet solution to use to build/revamp your portal, be sure to consider the needs of your business and your users. Choose the technology that best fits your organizations vision, goals, etc. *


That being said, let’s take a tour through the 7 most common frustrations with SharePoint and explore how our Intranet solution can makeover your current site into an amazing Intranet portal.


1.Clunky Navigation

One of the most frequent problems that we’ve seen users encounter working with SharePoint is cluttered navigation. It’s time consuming, with users having to waste precious time navigation around an Intranet. As a result, Intranet adoption decreases within an organization. Users find themselves stuck in a maze of clunky navigation, unable to find their way out of brittle and unresponsive fly-out menus. With our Intranet solution, users have access to easily broken up and itemized options, including visual MegaMenus, Dropdowns and MyLink​s​.


2. Content is difficult to find

Clunky navigation tends to cause difficulty finding relevant content. Users find the whole kitchen sink being thrown at them in terms of content, which is understandably confusing and effects adoption. Being barraged with a large amount of content, none of which seems relevant, is like mining for gold in a ginormous canyon. We offer a solution, allowing you to filter and sort information relevant to who you are. Admins can add specific links and web parts relevant to the user. And users have the ability to personalize themselves as well.


3. Branding is near impossible

An organization’s brand is important. Natural SharePoint requires lots of coding and greatly limits a company’s ability to brand. This causes users to get mixed up in page layouts and master pages. Our Intranet solution aims to fix that problem by providing unique SharePoint branding tools. Like a flexible stylizer tool for example, which allows you to shape your Intranet to match your brand


4. Content creation is time consuming

Moving on to frustration #4, users have reported having trouble creating good looking content on SharePoint. Most of the time, the created content doesn’t fit the brand and is difficult in terms of marketing. Emgage’s Intranet solution solves the problem by allowing users to quickly surface and edit content faster than ever imagined. The best part is that none of the inline editing requires coding, saving valuable time and money.


5. Not responsive on mobile

Communication is increasingly moving toward mobile-centric. 51% of all Internet usage occurred on a mobile phone in 2015. If a site takes too long to load on a mobile device or is difficult to use, it can spell trouble for that organization. Which brings us to the problem of SharePoint’s unresponsiveness for all content on mobile. Lists and libraries appear clunky and unattractive, while some pages don’t appear at all. Content must be produced multiple times to fit different devices. Our Intranet solution allows content to be viewed on all technology across the board: from mobile to tablet to desktop computer. Content only need be created once, and can be previewed before publishing, saving users countless amounts of time.


6. Hard to evolve site

Technology is ever evolving. It only makes sense that Intranets evolve with it. However, SharePoint is not known for being easy to change. It requires coding and deep expertise in order to revise and maintain removing power from the content creator. Users experience markup language being injected into the coding, casing chaos. Our Intranet solution eliminates the need for coding and expertise and creates flexibility when organizing content. Emgage has been helping organizations improve their SharePoint adoption since 2008 and has experience helping software evolve and transform.


7. SEO is less than optimal

Lastly, users report SharePoint isn’t a natural SEO fit and wasn’t created with that goal in mind. SEO titles effect browser titles, and organizations often find themselves hiring an SEO specialist to help make it work. Our Intranet solution has SEO features built in and provides easy access to alt text, meta descriptions and more through the SEO properties menu.


SharePoint, as well as Office 365, can be frustrating but is ultimately still the best choice for Intranet and Extranet building.


Admittedly this is a bit of shameless self promotion. But our ultimate goal is to help organizations become more connected via business software that is easy to use. We invite you to sign up for a FREE demo today, to learn how to unlock the power of your Intranet portal.

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